Salvus Cole | Psychologist | Hypnotherapist
working with individuals, couples, parents and children to empower change
Holding a safe and compassionate space to explore depression, anxiety, habits, addictions, and manifested illness


compassionate therapy to help you


Discover cycles of behaviour that have become reinforced by past experiences
Journey a subconscious construct to enable healing potential from within
develop meditative peace for daily retreat
Cultivate the solution, not the problem


     I am a holistic therapist, and use Ericksonian Hypnotherapy, Regression, Journeying, Psychotherapy, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) and Integrated Eye-movement Therapy (IEMT).  All of these are in consideration of the mind-body interaction.

     I suggest an informal discussion at the beginning, and then further sessions can be scheduled.  A free 30 minute consultation for new clients can be followed by a one hour session.  Depending on the complaint or issue, there could be a recommendation for on-going sessions, or there could be a satisfying resolution in only a few sessions. 

     My base fee is £50 per hour.  Fees for on-going sessions will be negotiated based on the needs of the client.

     I have two locations: Orchard St and Picton St.  Please see the corresponding page for location specific variations in fees. It is also possible to arrange home-visits or an open-air consultation in a park.  Please specify a preference.

     Payments can be taken in advance to confirm appointments.  This can be done through your online banking. Details provided with invoice after booking.

     Please contact me for alternative arrangements.  Text on 0759 141 3399 or email